(360) 376-3649

231 Lime Quarry Road - Deer Harbor, WA 98245

How to find us...

231 Lime Quarry Rd, Deer Harbor, WA 98245, USA

Turtlehead Farm is located on Lime Quarry Road, halfway between the communities of Westsound and Deer Harbor, on the Deer Harbor Road.

Turn onto Lime Quarry Road and follow the sign, to Turtlehead Farm Stables.

Mailing address:

Turtlehead Farm

231 Lime Quarry Road

East Sound, WA 98245

Phone: (360) 376-3649 (messages only)

Email: hello@turtleheadfarm.com

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"We are so thankful to have just one of the best weekends of our lives in the most wonderful, relaxing, special places we can think of. This is a weekend we will never forget because....we're engaged!!

...We will look back on this cabin and this farm fondly for the rest of our lives. Thank you! M & T

"We feel like we've been to your little piece of heaven. Thank you so much for opening up your home(s) to us so that we could be close to the festivities for Caitlin's wedding. And what a wedding it was, with the beautiful sawmill backdrop. It was something out of a magazine. You three are so accommodating and generous with your magical farm. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

J&B Haggerty

"Ellen - Endless thanks and a big wide-open heart full of gratitude for opening your home and farm to John and me this weekends. A beautiful, quiet and light-filled cabin in the woods, on the island on which we married (17 years ago!) and near a forest within which we would honor, remember, and celebrate my sweet little mom, who passed away this summer. We feel reconnected and renewed. Thank you!...We look forward to returning.... Blessings! " The Butters