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231 Lime Quarry Road - Deer Harbor, WA 98245

Hang Out With Our Horses

Turtlehead Farm is home to our small herd of mostly retired horses. Although we do not offer rides anymore, the herd is very friendly, and used to people visiting them.

We offer direct access to hiking trails that you can walk or ride your mountain bike. Immerse yourself in nature, on hundreds of acres of beautiful, unspoiled land.

Visit the barn, where you will find out how we spoil our horses.

  • Large barn with heated tack room and hay loft

  • Built with timbers from the land

  • Includes fenced arena next to the loafing shed

  • Help out with the chores...just kidding!

Too Much Fun For Just One Trip

"We hung out at the farm all day, and didn't even get to see everything! A dream day, and a dream vacation - so cool!!... We're gonna HAVE to come back soon!!"

Nestled on the western flank of the Turtleback Mountain range lies Turtlehead Farm - with its surrounding acres of pristine forestland, wetlands and rugged coastline.

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